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Johnny Sins net worth
Johnny Sins net worth

Johnny Sins net worth

The legend of the modern porn industry, an actor whose name is familiar to millions of people around the world. How did he get into the world of adult films? Are there awkward and funny scenes on set? He speaks frankly about all this and much more in an interview. Interestingly, in 2022 is about $5.5 million according to stats.

Journalist: How did you get into this industry?

Johnny: I always knew I could do it. So I just decided to move towards my goal. Moved to Los Angeles. Responded to ads, got a couple of roles. At first I worked for free.

J: Young guys, a lot of young guys dream of getting a job like that. Is it as simple as it seems at first glance? What happens during filming? Tell me about the backstage.

D: You see thirty minutes of the video. And it seems to you that we spend thirty minutes on the set. We do our job and go home. But that's not the case at all. I spend four to twelve hours on set. Sometimes more. It all depends on the particular movie. Here and acting, and the script, and costumes, and extras … This is a whole production. Well, then we move on to pleasant things.

J: Nice things?

D: Those for which people watch videos. You know what I mean.

J: People think that everything is easy – just be yourself. Is it so?

D: This job is definitely not easy. But everyone thinks they could do it. Every guy thinks he could just… Look, trust me, I get tons of emails every day from all sorts of guys. "Give me a chance. Give me a chance. Give me a chance". A huge number of letters come from India.

“For fourteen years, I starred in 2500-3000 commercials. I work 250 days a year. But I prefer to take at least once a week a day off to gain strength and get excited again,” he says.

Yes, it's a tough job. Johnny managed to earn a lot of awards. One of them – for the most popular male porn actor. The women voted for him. He has over a million subscribers on his YouTube channel. His videos have tens of millions of views.

He managed to earn a couple of bucks. According to some reports, the income of Johnny Sins is about three hundred thousand dollars a year. To what does he attribute his success? "Reliability, attractiveness and … a big dick," Johnny says.

20 billion dollars a year – such a profit brings the industry of films for adults. Recently, the industry has undergone major changes. The reason for this is the MeToo movement.

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